Welcome to our world of American Sign Language. If you are interested in learning American Sign Language or ASL, then this is the right platform. Our site, Arizona Total Immersion was established with the sole purpose to help people of all kinds and to aware our friends about the issues faced by our deaf friends.

There are many issues faced by the deaf community and very little thing has been done for them. Therefore, we started this project to help and increase awareness about the deaf community.

Our website is established by a group of professional educators in ASL. We are proud to announce our different programs for different kinds of people.

Our website has a unique teaching method that in no time, one can master the ASL language. ASL is just like the spoken language as the more you interact with another, the faster and easier you will learn. Thus, our website provides many options and opportunities to learn and exercise the language.

To know more about our ASL programs and lessons, check out our website or contact our service line available 24/7.