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If you want to learn ASL or American Sign Language, this is the right place for you. This website was set up by a group of people interested in increasing awareness about deafness and the different issues faced by people suffering from hearing loss. You can do your bit by signing up for the online American Sign Language classes on the home page.

The ASL programs have been created by professional ASL educators. There are different ASL programs to cater to different students. If you are new to ASL, we recommend you start with the Beginner program. Once you have mastered all the basic concepts, you can move on to the Intermediate ASL program. An online test at the end of Intermediate ASL program will determine whether you are eligible to be admitted to the Expert ASL Program. Each of the ASL programs has been designed by experienced ASKL tutors with plenty of exercises. You will be able to master the language in no time of you follow all the instructions carefully.

The forum on the website enables fellow ASL students to interact with one another can improve their ASL skills at the same time.  Similar to other languages, ASL also requires a lot of conversations t take place before a student is deemed to be fluent in the language. The chat option on the website enables students to find other interested students to improve their ASL skills. In fact, the program requires the students to talk to another ASL student for at least an hour in order to proceed to the next level.