How Persons with Disabilities Qualify for Civil Service Position?

There are a lot of educational institutions in Chennai. It is simple to find ideal school or college for your kid in Chennai. Most of the top educational institutions have branches all over the city. Are you wondering how PWDs or person with disabilities qualify for UPSC exams? Well, PWDs has to attend the exams just like other candidates to get suitable position.

Higher education for physically challenged

In 2013 and 2012, 67 candidates were selected. Out of 67, some of the candidates were made to wait for position allocation. Most selected PWDs are given lower services though they rank well in merit lists due to their disability. They were given lower position thinking that their disability prevents them performing the job in majority of services. The position is finalized depending on services list identified and that are best for physically disabled group. It is completely based on the functional classification and physical requirements.

For example, when it comes to locomotor disability category- the person with a disability in either arms or hands has chances to get into IAS or Indian Administrator Service but not given any of the remaining 23 services.

In the same way, DANIPS (Delhi Andaman and Nicobar Islands Police Service) is open to disabilities whose hearing is impaired or one leg affected.

But still, they are not given position like IPS (Indian Police Service) or the Pondicherry Police Service. Entire accounts services, Indian Civil Accounts Service, the Indian P and T Accounts and Finance Service, and Indian Railway Service remains open for candidates with OA (one leg) or OL (one arm) affected or with one OAL (One leg and arm affected) and those candidates where both legs (BL) affected. Moreover, the Indian Accounts and Audit Service is not open to disabled who have both legs affected.

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