Sign Language to Use at Nap-Time

Have you done everything to make your toddler be prepared for the older sibling role? Well, you may think you have prepared enough to make your child understand the older sibling’s responsibility. You sure must have read many books, watched videos and also must have consulted many experienced parents. You have tried all possible ways to make your child understand that the circumstances and situations will change once a new member arrives. In fact, you must have also prepared your child to play the perfect role of an older sibling by making your child prepare his milk, help with changing clothes, playtime and many more.

But did you prepare your child for bedtime and nap time routine? This will surely be funny to you, but trust me, this is the most important and prime part especially with small kids. Therefore, this article will help you teach your toddler some basic and simple sign languages to be used at nap time.

Start sign-language early to help the infant and the toddler

You have finally put your baby to sleep and now is your resting period. Just then, your cute toddler enters the room with the sweetest intention to say sweet dream. This will sound very sweet and caring but it will be loud enough to disrupt your baby’s sweet dream.

This is the reason to teach your sign language so that you and your baby can be at peace during the nap time. There also are many occasions when both the toddler and the infant will have to share the same space. This may become difficult for the parents to manage. Using sign language will help to communicate and also exercise the nap time voice.

Assign your toddler with the nap time tasks

Start practicing the sign language even before the baby arrives. This way, it will be easier for the toddler to continue after the baby arrives. Give your toddler a few nap time tasks so that when he completes it, he will feel accomplished and happy. This will also improve his confidence and give a sense of responsibility.

Start practicing at the earliest

It is never too late to start using sign language. You can also start immediately as there are many books and videos to help you get started with. Encourage your toddler with nap time sign language by introducing him to signs of blanket, bed, quiet, tired, sweet dreams, light off, and more. You will be happy to find that your toddler and baby have already bonded silently.

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