Awareness About Hearing Disabilities

Deafness is a disability that can be easily overcome by getting the right hearing aids and learning American Sign Language or ASL. In fact, the Deaf Awareness Week is celebrated during the last week of September every year throughout the world to raise the awareness about deafness. Many organizations, institutions, businesses and individuals get on board to spread deaf friendly awareness. The International Week of the Deaf was established by the World Federation of the Deaf in Italy in the year 1959. Since them the focus during this week every year has been on achievements, language, education and access for the deaf community all over the world. You can do your part by adopting one of the following ideas to kick start awareness about deafness around your locality:

· Host A Deaf Night
You can host a deaf night at your place of business or local community center. Don’t forget to invite the local deaf organization members, community members, social activists and so on. The social media can also be used to increase your reach in your locality.

· Invite A Local Deaf ASL Teacher
You can educate your staff in the nuances of ASL with the help of a local deaf ASL teacher. This can help your staff serve deaf customers betters and also improve the standing of your business in the local community.

· Enroll for ASL Classes
If you have always wanted to learn a new language, ASL is the perfect choice. Enroll at your local center and learn how to speak and interpret ASL.

· Volunteer At A local Deaf Organization
You can volunteer your time with a local deaf organization. In fact, some businesses also encourage their staff to volunteer or donate some time at local deaf organizations during the Deaf Awareness Week. This goes a long way in educating people about the different issues that deaf people go through in their daily lives.

Regardless of which corner of the world you belong to, you will be able to do your bit for the Deaf Awareness Week. Many communities come together in promoting understanding of the different problems faced by people suffering from hearing loss. In fact, some medical organizations also set up medical camps for free hearing screening for the general public.

Since Deaf Awareness Week has been created to increase awareness about hearing loss issues, many movies and books related to this are often released during this time. In fact, children books dealing with these issues have also been published to help younger children come to terms with their disabilities easily. Interactive exhibits are also set up in different cities to offer able bodied people a chance to experience how being deaf would change their entire world. It also helps people learn non-verbal skills that will benefit them in interacting with deaf people around them. These exhibits give the guests a chance to get in touch with their hidden communication skills and start a dialogue with the local deaf people. A the end of the day, the Deaf Awareness Week does a great job of putting the focus on the needs and requirements of the deaf community all over the world.

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