Sign Language –  The Need Of Awareness Programs

For those who are born with all faculties intact, imagining a world where most people cannot understand you or driving to the grocery store is a hurdle to be crossed is hard. People, who are born deaf or no eyesight or anyone of the other senses missing, face challenges that others cannot even envisage. Creating Awareness about the obstacles deaf people face is one step government and institutions can take to lessen this effect. Making others aware of the challenges, hardships, and issues that are part and parcel of daily life for deaf individuals can go a long way to make their life better.
From work colleagues to family members, a lot many people can be not aware of the communication needs of deaf persons. A simple awareness program would be an easy way to guarantee that these challenges in communicating are overcome. At present, there is not enough support given to parents who have a deaf child. Children born to a family with no other member deaf can struggle a long time before they learn to lip read. A program that gives such families the option to learn sign language can help the deaf child cope better.
Another way to improve the lives of deaf people is to create programs that aim at pre-school children. When children learn to speak in sign language at such an early stage, they grow to be citizens and professionals who are more cognizant of their deaf counterparts. It is not just students but also teachers who should be trained in sign language. This will ensure that the teachers can communicate with children for whom sign language is the first language.
The need for an awareness program is not limited to communication. Such sessions are created to improve the understanding of deaf people, the culture and the issues they face in every walk of life. These sessions can include practical and informative schedules that include social situations involving deaf people and persons who can hear. They can also create role-plays that emulate work and home life. Such practical sessions can improve the way people who can hear, communicate with those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Some of the needs an awareness program will solve are:
• Help every individual communicate better with others. Communication is critical and good communication is needed universally. Learning another avenue to explain yourself can help social interactions with everyone and not just deaf people.
• It can create an understanding of the difference between people who are hard of hearing and who are completely deaf.
• It can also teach some basic and primary sign language that can be used by everyone to converse better.
• It can also provide strategies and tactics that can be made use of while chatting with people hard of hearing or deaf.
• Most importantly it can teach families, companies, and communities to create an environment that is accessible to both deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
If institutions and authorities focus on creating flexible resources that help families and corporations learn sign language as a second or third way of communication, we would have taken the first step to a better future for all denizens.

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