Can a Deaf Person Become a Doctor?

Essential Qualities you need to Become a Physician

A degree isn’t sufficient to be an efficient doctor; it requires a different set of skills along with the intention to serve the society. The capabilities of competent physicians include listening to the complaint thoroughly, understanding, testing and then beginning the diagnosis. An Effective physician’s primary skill is his habit of listening to the patient effectively.

Studying medicine has always been a tough one. Apart from the keen interest and perseverance. It requires vast knowledge and innovativeness to be able to cure a human. Health is the foremost for every human. Therefore, every patient would expect the doctor who is curing him to be healthy enough to diagnose him. More than the medicine, it is the doctor’s impression that cures the patient.

Why is it so difficult for disabled people to become doctors?

Vital Traits of the Ideal PhysicianIt has been a myth that a person with a disability cannot be an efficient doctor, but the fact is, a person with the disability would be able to understand the concern of the patient even better, with more concentration. Deafness is not a disability to learn. With right encouragement and efficient teaching, there can be nothing to stop a person to achieve the best. Society would take time to understand this, but a lot of deaf doctors today have proved the society wrong. Without encouraging people around, a deaf person would be vulnerable to isolation. This would instill very low self-esteem resulting in a low level of achievement. Right support would influence a person to achieve even the impossible. Such is the case of studying to become an efficient doctor. Here is a link that tells how a deaf doctor made his patient comfortable,

Mr. Frank Hochman – Inspiration For Many Deaf Aspirants

The first ever Deaf doctor is Mr. Frank Hochman, He is the inspiration for many deaf aspirants today. He was born Mr. Frank Hochman - First ever Deaf Doctordeaf. Frank Hochman started schooling when he was three years old in a differently abled school. He did his bachelor’s degree in biology and juggled his work being a chemist. This never made him happy. The passion in him drove him to be a doctor. Many schools never supported his idea; He was continuously discouraged when he finally got into Rutgers Medical School. A lot of professors in school discouraged him by not being very cooperative during the lessons. This frustrated Mr. Hochman to create “peddler” cards. He handed them over to his professors with a note accompanying the following details. ” If you don’t help me out, this is what I am going to have to do for a living.” This frustration cards seemed to work out, and he finally got his degree in the year 1976.

After Hochman’s graduation, he worked in the East Bay area. He worked for the deaf and blind. He also designed a special Stethoscope that helps him listen to the heartbeat of the patients. Today aspirants can buy specially designed equipment inspired by Hochman’s designs.

Today there are many Deaf doctors who have been efficient physician’s. NO disability can stop a determined mind to reach his passion. NEET Online classes are good for students who have a hearing impairment. The classes would let the students achieve their dream.

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