Know about the American Sign Language

American Sign Language is also called as ASL is a simple and natural language that presents the same semantic features as that of the spoken language. ASL is mostly communicated with face and hands movement. It is the basic language of most of the North American deaf people and is also used by hearing people.

Is sign language the same in all countries?

Sign language is not universal. It differs from each country and region. For instance, American Sign Language is completely different from British Sign Language. It is just like the spoken language where one person will not be able to understand another language. Just like English is believed to be the universal language, the ASL acts similarly. Many signs from ASL have been adopted by other countries for communication.

Where did ASL find its root?

It is unclear as to where exactly the ASL was found out. No committee or person is believed to have been invented ASL. It is usually believed that ASL dates back to 200 years back and is a local combination of French Sign Language and American Sign Language. The ASL slowly originated from a local and unmatured language to a more modern, rich and mature language. Today, the French Sign Language – LSF and ASL are a completely different sign language. They still share a few common signs but it still cannot be understood just like their spoken language.

What is the comparison of ASL with spoken language?

ASL is a completely different language from English.ASL has its fundamental features with its own word formation, pronunciation rules, word order and more. Every language has its own unique style of sign communicating. For instance, an English speaker usually raises his tone for questioning whereas the ASL widens his eyes, raises their eyebrows and tilt their bodies to the forward position.

ASL can be compared to that of the spoken language. For instance, the same English language differs from state to state and one local to other, it is the same with ASL too. It may not be the same for everyone and may differ according to the locals of the place. It has regional variations, signing rhythm, signs, and slang used and many more. Apart from this, even age and gender also affects the sign language and will be used accordingly.

ASL contributes mostly to fingerspelling to spell the English alphabets. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to different hand shapes. It is mostly used to spell names or to say an English word.

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