Know about the duties and responsibilities of a sign language interpreter

Who is an American Sign Language Interpreter?

ASL or American Sign Language Interpreter will be versed to translate between ASL and spoken English. ASL interpreters assist individuals who have hearing loss or deaf about what is being conversed either one or one or in a group situation. They also utilize technology to offer interpretation from a far location. Moreover, ASL interpreters have strong sign language skills, memory, research, and exceptional learning skills.

In most cases, sign language interpreters are hired in government agencies, hospitals, and schools. If you are stepping into this job or starting your career as a sign language interpreter, you should have exceptional sign language and English language skills. If needed, it is recommended to accomplish a degree program in sign language interpreting and American Sign Language. Fields such as English or communication are also excellent options. Interpreters mostly need a Bachelor’s degree and certain associate-level programs. If possible, you can also enroll and get professional certification.

Job description and duties of a sign language interpreter

As a sign language interpreter, you are in charge of assisting deaf individuals. You need to understand and explain them in sign language regarding what is announced or discussed in various situations. It is also important to recognize the subject matter that is being discussed. This way, you can accurately translate and convey what is announced into sign language. You should be present to translate any time that is during office meeting hours, at an important speech, political speech, or in a courtroom. The interpreters should utilize one on one situations as it helps both parties easily converse with each other.  Whenever required, the sign language interpreters should utilize technology to offer services, especially from a remote area.

Some of the main duties of the interpreters involve communication, sign language, and listening skills. If needed, the interpreter has to research when working in a scenario where it involves complex information or highly technical information. They have to research to completely understand and then interpret what has been announced. They should also have good memory power since as the interpreter they have to recollect what has been announced and sign it accordingly.

What are the requirements to become a sign language interpreter?

A Group of Sign language Interpreters.

Most employers hire sign language interpreters who have vocational training or degree in sign language. Certain colleges provide exclusive ASL programs as an optional foreign language. It permits students to obtain a degree in communications, English, and other associated fields and at the same obtain basic training in ASL.  If needed, students can also get a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in sign language interpreting or ASL.

Employers do not look for the certification, however, it can serve as documentation for the person to showcase his or her sign language interpretation skills. Numerous organizations provide certifications for general interpreting however the RID (The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) provides certification, particularly for the sign language interpreters. The American Translators Association and RID provide mentoring programs for American Sign Language learners. Thus, hands-on training develops mastery of skills, and confidence assists to work as a sign language interpreter.

The BLS or United States Bureau of Labor Statistics offers information about translators and interpreters comprising sign language interpreters. It has been predicted that the job opportunities for translators and interpreters will develop by 18% that is faster than usual for US corporations.

In the field of sign language interpretation, there have been a lot of technological advancements and the interpreters must track and learn the communications technology.

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