The three main misconceptions of the Sign language

Sign language is the universal language

The sign language is not only a single mode of communication for all the people who are suffering from hearing aid. People who are not related to the field of hearing impairment and sign language will find it challenging to cope up with the content as all will seem to be too foreign. The sign language will be beautiful for all the people when all the misleading conceptions are transparent, and hence one will find it one of the most prosperous and diverse modes of communication.

A mistakenly a large number of people from the whole universe considers sign language as the universal modes of communication. Many people think that people use sign language when they don’t understand other words, and hence they use gestures to communicate with one another. To be clear, the sign language is complex, and for a deliberate surprise, there are hundreds or thousands of different versions of different types of sign languages. The ASL or the American Sign Language is the most common type of sign language which represents the English. There might be similarities in sign languages, but all are different from one another.

Does the sign language for the deaf people

One of the most common misleading statements about the sign language is it is only for the deaf people. The first thing we would like to clear is that not all the deaf use sign language. There are various versions of the sign language used by different people in a different scenario. Most of the people who are deaf are experts at reading lips while some are satisfied by the hearing aids. The babies use the reading lips technique before they learn to talk. People who have a minor or moderate hearing loss also use the reading lips trick or learn sign language for prevention. The military troops use different types of sign languages to communicate with their force without making any noise that can alert the enemy.

The sign language is all about the gestures

One cannot consider ASL as the dictionary of the sign language. The sign language contains its sentence patterns and grammar rules. With most of the developed Americans going with the sign languages, it will sooner or later become an integral part of the deaf culture.

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