Sign language facts

The many uses of sign language

Sign language is used by more than 70 million people all over the world. It serves as an important communication tool for people with and without hearing abilities. Deaf people use sign language to communicate their emotions and feelings. Just like other languages, sign language has an interesting history. It has an equal share of mind-blowing facts. Let us discuss sign language facts in brief in this blog.

4th most used language: In the United Kingdom, more than 125,000 adults use sign languages like British Sign Language to communicate with other people. Moreover, around 15,000 people residing in Wales and England use BSL as their key language.

Sign language is used in different versions in different countries: Sign language is not the same in all countries. It is different and depends upon the country you are residing in. It is almost like different spoken languages. Though people in the USA and Britain speak in English, sign languages of both countries are different. You can find the differences when they communicate or sign.  The differences can be seen when dialects and accents reflect in speech.

Do you know sign language involves more than hand gestures?

Sign Language Used For The Communication.

When it comes to British Sign Language, the sign language includes body language, gestures, and facial expressions to communicate. It has its own rule of grammar that involves various sentence organizations to spoken English.

Most deaf people will have name signs!

Most people who communicate through sign language utilize a single sign that represents their name. When they want to tell their name, they will use signs to denote their name instead of letters. It will be unique to the individual. It is almost like their nickname.

Some people have an opinion that it is hard to learn sign language. But it is not as hard as it looks. However, it is a complex form of communication and it is the reason why many people in the world use it. If you are learning sign language from the right teacher, you will be taught right. Moreover, the entire learning process will be simple. You would not find much difficulty in learning and using the language. In recent years, sign language courses developed with people who have hearing loss and deaf are said to be very effective. It offers a chance to develop skills through practical classes.

Quick facts on sign language

  •         In ASL or American Sign Language, the alphabets are showcased using one hand. But in British and German sign language, two hands are utilized.
  •         Brain injury affects the awareness of sign language just like spoken languages. So, people with a brain injury can produce signs but they cannot put the signs in grammatical order.
  •         Each sign consists of five components. When one component is changed, it will change the sign’s entire meaning.
  •         There will be separate meanings when the hand shape is the same but the movement is different.
  •       The palm’s direction changes the complete meaning of the sign.

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