How to develop and learn different types of sign languages?

All about development and different types of Sign languages

There are different types of sign languages, just like different languages with different spoken and verbal ideas and ways. Many people think that all the different types of sign languages are similar to each other, but this is not the truth. The sign language professionals and certified experts have to learn different languages and their styles to become a professional at the sign language. One can read this article to find out more o the different types of sign languages and the developments of the different kinds of sign languages.

The history of the sign languages from Indian to French

The Indian sign language, also known as the Plains Indian sign language is the oldest known sign language. The Plains Indian sign language plays a crucial role in the history of sign language. Though it is rarely used today still the Plains Indian language has a strong impact, which is traced from its strong roots since the past.

Due to the excessive use of native American English, many people have stopped using the hand talk language of the Plains Indian. Many experts from the sign language are trying their best to preserve the Plains Indian sign language for the future.

The next early type of sign language is the French sign language. ABBE CHARLES MICHEL DE L’EPEE developed the French sign language in the 18th century.

The techniques of CHARLES made strong impressions on European society. The French sign language also developed a communication system between the deaf and all the people suffering from hearing impairments.

The American and British sign language

The American Sign Language started with the French sign language when it was brought to the Northern parts of America by Thomas Gallaudet in 1816. We don’t mean that the American Sign Language and the French sign language are the same. People learning professional American Sign Language will not be able to achieve the same success and fluency in the French sign language

Thomas Gallaudet was also responsible for the BSL or the British sign language. During the ancient period, the scholars from the British accent did not appreciate the works of Gallaudet, and hence they sent Gallaudet to Paris again. The spelling difference is one of the common differences between the American and the British language.

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