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The significant misconceptions on different types of Sign language

The biggest or the most common mistakes with sign language is all the different types of sign languages are the same. The first thing to clear here is all the different types of sign languages are not the same. There are somewhere around 138 to 300 different types of sign language present on earth today. The new sign language is evolving based on the communities of deaf children and adults. Keeping the truth in mind, let us overview in detail some of the renowned sign languages in the world.

All about British, Australian and New Zealand Sign language

More than one and half million from the whole United Kingdom practice the BSL or the British sign language, which was initially practiced by Thomas Braidwood for the deaf from 1700 to 1800. Due to the magnificent works from Thomas Braidwood for the communication of the deaf through sign language, the BSL widespread to Australia and New Zealand. This is the main reason for quite a similarity in the sign language of all the three countries.

Many experts also consider Australia, New Zealand, and the British sign language the part of the same dialect. The experts who believe all the three words as the same part of the dialect also call them in short form as BANZL or the British, Australia, and New Zealand Sign language.

The brief history of the French Sign language

The French sign language, also known as the LSF, is the oldest, and hence there are more than one million users of the French sign language all across the globe. The French sign language is the earliest known European sign language. Hence, many people residing from the French accent love to cherish and follow the traditional methods of the French Sign language.

The sole credit of the widespread of the LSF is devoted to Charles Michael, who just framed the sign language in other countries by making some rules. Charles Michael also started a free school in Paris to teach all the people from the deaf communities from the state. Though some of his complicated education strategies like singing in the free school were discouraged by most of the students, still many of Charles’s grammatical works are appreciated by most of the industrial experts all around the world.

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