Know about the British Sign Language

British sign language is very easy and one can also learn it in no time. It will help you to communicate with people who are deaf, and also will improve and expand your vocabulary. So if you want to sign a few sentences in British sign language, read below.

Starting the conversation with Sign Language

What is the first thing you ask when you meet someone?

You start by conversing, how are you? You can sign as

  • Use the fingertips of both your hands to move your hands upwards to your chest.
  • Then with a thumb up move your hand forward.
  • When you sign this sentence, you must be sure to make it as a questioning expression.

You will also be responded with the same question. You can respond to them by answering I am Fine. For this, you will have to sign as,

To sign happy

  • You must use an index finger pointing to your chest.
  • Your working hand must be shaped of a cup and stroke it twice supporting the palm and moving the hand’s heel towards you.

To sign sad

  • Point your index finger to your chest.
  • Both the index fingers must point to the lips and show a downward motion.

How to ask for a name?

In British sign language, to ask what your name is, you will sign as Name what? It will be signed as two different words as first starting with the name and then with what.

To sign Name

  • Your index and middle fingertip must touch the forehead.
  • Then your hand must be twisted forward until your face and your finger face each other.

To sign what

  • Your wrist must point out to front while facing your palm forward.
  • Point your finger up and wiggle once from side to side.
  • This phrase must have an expression of questioning.

How to ask a deaf person for help?

To sign help

  • The palm of your nondominant hand must be kept flat.
  • Then use the other hand to make a thumb up on top of the hand.

To sign, can I help you?

  • Use the same sign for help
  • While doing the help sign, move your hand forward.

To sign can you help?

  • Use the sign for help.
  • Then, you must point the index finger to the other person asking for help.

These are a few of the common sign British sign language which would be helpful for you in day to day life.

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