Know Your Baby Sign Language

Clear away the communication gap between you and your infant with basic sign language. No matter what and how the circumstance is, you can still communicate and make the world a wonderful place for your infant. There are many amazing teaching tools and books to help you learn the sign language and is available everywhere.

Start sign-language right from the early years of life

It has been studied that sign language must be started as early as when they are 4 months old. The infants are slowly developing and it is considered the best way to start early. They will pick up the signs fast and will also be able to communicate fast. The infants will understand the sign but will not be able to communicate until they are 7 to 9 months. It is only in these months they start learning the coordination.

Introduce them to the world of books, pictures, flashcards, etc

The sooner you start to introduce them to these books, the faster they will learn. They must be constantly shown these tools to help them understand better. The prime point here is not to rush in teaching tools but to teach them slowly and gradually. They must understand and only then move to the next level. Do not stress yourself and also your child. Give him time to settle, learn and adapt.

Stay steady with your signs

No matter what happens, stay steady with your signs language and use it every time you communicate with your infant. For instance, instead of just saying the word loud, perform the activity and then say it. So when you are saying the word eat, sign the word eat and say it. It must be used frequently so that the infant will understand it better and also use it.

A few of the basic sign languages are as follows.

  • Sign More – Your fingertips must be tapped twice.
  • Sign Done – Show your hand back and front that nothing is in your hand. This indicates done and will help communicate that the activity is done or work is done, etc.
  • Sign Sleep – Place your hand on the face and move it down while closing the eyes.
  • Sign Medicine – Rock your middle finger in the center of the palm as if you are mixing something.
  • Sign Eat – Act like you are putting something in your mouth with your hand.
  • Sign Milk – This is one of the most important signs. Act like you are milking a cow with one hand open and the other enacting the milking part.
  • Sign Change – Rotate both the fists back and forth.

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