Learning sign language.

What is sign language and how many hours you require to learn ASL?

Sign language is the main form of communication utilized by the hearing loss communal. It consists of hand shapes, hand movements, lip patterns, and facial expressions to showcase what people want to say. It is often utilized in the place of spoken dialectal in deaf communities. Some individuals with hearing loss learn sign language and they utilize it to converse to friends or family. Also, people with limited or normal hearing can master this beautiful expressive language.

It is not simple to learn ASL. Most people have a thought that it is equal to learning like a new language or French. But it is not true. It takes about two to three years to complete a beginner to intermediate skill. If you wish to complete intermediate fluent skill, you have to learn another two years in English interpretation or ASL training. It takes some time to become fluent, that is it will take around a few years after graduation from English interpretation or ASL program.

Deaf Studies and ASL program

According to the Signing Naturally, in level 1 there are about 100 levels. It is divided into two-semester courses – ASL 102 and ASL 101. It takes around 120 to 130 hours to complete two semesters. In the level 2 curriculum, level 200 is divided into two-semester courses. They are ASL 202 and ASL 201. Each requires 60 to 65 hours to complete. In the same way, level 300 encompasses two courses and it takes around 120 hours to complete the entire level.

By completing all the courses, you can get a diploma certificate in Deaf Studies and ASL. Some institutes also offer a BA degree where Deaf Studies and ASL would be the major subjects.

Kinds of sign language

Before starting to learn sign language, you need to understand various kinds of sign language. It is best to select according to the place you reside and the verbal language used in your community. Remember, hand signs differ as per the kind of sign language. There are different sign languages like BSL or British Sign Language, ASL or American Sign language, and more.

Sign language is divided into three sections in general:

Manually coded languages or signed modes of verbal languages: It is utilized to gap spoken and signed languages.

Auxiliary sign languages: It is the sign system utilized along with spoken and oral languages.

Deaf sign languages: Deaf communities all over the world prefer to use this language. It includes deaf community sign languages and village sign languages that are used among the hearing community.

Tip to learn sign language

If you are thinking of learning sign language, then we have shared some tips here. Most educational centers, community colleges, and community centers provide evening or day classes. It is best to approach experienced sign language tutors to get qualifications in sign language. By attending classes, you can see signs directly and meet new people. 

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