Let Us See How A Sign Language Is Learnt

To understand how a sign language is learnt, it is essential to look at how words are followed by humans world over. Children pick up what they see in their childhood pretty quickly. Hence it is necessary what example the parents set in front of the children. Children learn sign languages the same way they learn other spoken languages, and therefore parents must communicate in sign language. Researches have been long undergoing to see if learning sign languages were different from that of spoken languages. The Auslan or Australian Sign Language has been one of the benchmarks in sign language pedagogy. The sign appears similar to what it represents and is hence understandable at a crude level.

Development Over The Ages

Sign languages are more natural to learn as opposed to the spoken languages for the reason that the words and their meanings are relatable. Just as how conscience develops over the ages, it is evident how children learn concepts over each passing day. From the period of six months, children try to convey their expressions and emotions to their parents and people around them. If parents use sign language, children try to imitate them with enough understanding. By their first birthday, they can form their first word around the same time as that of other children who speak their first word. This is evidenced by the different research proving that language learning is almost synonymous among all children of the same ages.

Word And Combinations

Children make simple signs to indicate the most common words such as a mother, father, food and home. The mistakes that children make are common even with that of sign languages. There are word combinations such as “want food” or “need milk” that need to be learnt and used by children. The need for expressing wants is highest in their infant age period. Negative answers are given through head shakes and nods and gradually progress to signs indicating NOTHING or NOT.

Advanced Language Learning

Grammar is an advanced form of language learning, and children learn it gradually over time. Sentence construction and proper usage of verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives are in spoken language. In sign language, the correct usage of words does make the difference of its own.

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